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A select group of technical dancers that will participate in possible solo, trio, and elite lyrical group.

Solo Competition Awards

2017 Nexstar Dayton Solo / Duet / Trio 1st Overall’s

Nexstar Dayton Ages 8 & Under: Novice Soloist - Alyssa Holderman Intermediate Soloist - Reagan Downey Novice Trio - Reagan Downey, Hayden Farst, Mayci Minnich Nexstar Dayton Ages 9-11: Intermediate Trio Champs - Scarlett Mattice, Kiersten McBride, Carlee Schroeder Nexstar Dayton Ages 12-14: Novice - Makayla Hopper Elite Trio A Fine Line - Jenna Dietz, Logan Druck, Taryn Smith Nexstar Dayton Ages 15-18: Elite Trio Champ We Insist - Kaylynn Buckner, Avery Gunderson, Anna Sciarretti Intermediate Soloist - Jenna Dietz Nexstar Dayton Cover Models Selected - Heather McBride, Jenna Dietz

Miss Showcase Queens

2020 Junior Miss Nova Queen Keira Wagner

2019 Senior Miss Showcase Queen of Stars Haleigh Gross

2018 Senior Miss Showcase of Stars Avery Gunderson

2018 Elementary Miss Select Queen Paige Gallup

2017 Senior Miss Showcase of Stars Torre Romano 2016 Junior Miss Showcase Queen Avery Gunderson
2016 Primary Miss Showcase Queen Reagan Downey 2015 Senior Miss Showcase Samantha Peters
2015 Junior Miss Showcase Kaylynn Buckner
2015 Elementary Miss Showcase Taryn Smith 2014 Senior Miss Showcase Emily Hoagland
2014 Elementary Miss Showcase Logan Druck 2013 Junior Miss Showcase Samantha Peters
2013 Elementary Miss Showcase Avery Gunderson 2012 Junior Miss Dance Power: Torre Romano 2011 Junior Miss Dance Power: Margo Shininger
2011 Primary Miss Dance Power: Alaina Titley 2010 Elementary Miss Dance Power: Samantha Peters
2010 Primary Miss Dance Power: Avery Gunderson 2009 Senior Miss Dance Power: Lauren Daidon
2009 Elementary Miss Dance Power: Kelly Pleiman
2009 Primary Miss Dance Power: Hailey Willis 2007 Primary Miss Dance Power: Kelly Pleiman 2006 Senior Miss Dance Power: Beth Seitz
2006 Junior Miss Dance Power: Ali Romano 2005 Senior Miss Dance Power & Miss Ameridance of Ohio: Megan Zugelder
2005 Junior Miss Dance Power & Miss Ameridance of Ohio: Samantha Romano 2003 Senior Miss Ameridance of Ohio: Heather Flohre
2003 Junior Miss Dance Power: Megan Zugelder

2019 Showcase of Stars Pageant

PRIMARY FINALISTS Intermediate Lauren McBride Advanced Ja’Tara Jones Fable Walton ELEMENTARY FINALISTS Intermediate Addison Caldwell Advanced Reagan Downey JUNIOR FINALISTS Advanced Sydney Lawler Scarlett Mattice Kiersten McBride SENIOR FINALISTS Intermediate Mackenzie Detrick Brianne Lytle Maritza Scott Advanced Haleigh Gross Taryn Smith SPECIAL AWARDS *voted on by the staff* PRIMARY Production “Hard Worker”: Simora Singleton Genuine Performer: Zoey Renner ELEMENTARY Most Entertaining: Reagan Downey Best Concept: Emma Cox Up & Coming Star: Addison Caldwell JUNIOR Best Costuming: Scarlett Mattice Showmanship: Heather McBride Best Choreography: Kiersten McBride (Amy Jones) SENIOR Most Entertaining: Tayrn Smith Beautifully Fabulous: Anna Sciarretti *voted on by the contestants* Miss Congeniality: Fable Walton (Primary)
*by score* Best Technique: Fable Walton (Primary) Best Technique: Haleigh Gross (Senior) Gown Winner *by score* Haleigh Gross (senior) COURT PLACEMENTS PRIMARY Intermediate 4th Runner-up: Lauren McBride Advanced 3rd Runner-up: Ja’Tara Jones 2nd Runner-up: Fable Walton ELEMENTARY Intermediate 4th Runner-up: Addison Caldwell Advanced 4th Runner-up: Reagan Downey JUNIOR Advanced 3rd Runner-up: Kiersten McBride SENIOR Intermediate 4th Runner-up: Brianne Lytle 2nd Runner-up: Maritza Scott Advanced 4th Runner-up: Taryn Smith 2019 SENIOR MISS SHOWCASE OF STARS Queen Haleigh Gross Thank you to all of our Choreographers: Ms. Lori, Miss Ali, Miss Sarah, Ms. Amy, Miss Mary, Miss Chelsea, Miss Avery, Miss Torre, Miss Emily, Miss Lauren D. Miss Lauren V, Miss Hope, Miss Taylor, Miss Anna S and Miss Taryn! So very impressed with the Dance Expressions dancers, parents, and choreographers! I love our sportsmanship, positive attitudes, the desire to achieve with an emphasis on strong friendships and genuine support!

2019 Nexstar of Dayton

Avery Gunderson (age 18) won the title of 2019 Miss Nexstar of Dayton in February of 2019.

2019 Turn It Up Dayton

Reagan Downey (age 11) selected as the Dance4aCure-Heart of Gold recipient at Turn It Up Dayton in May 2019.