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Registration - Coming in April

Adult Jazz / Tap
Ballet (I, II)
Boys Hip Hop (age 8-13)
Classical Ballet (II, III, IV, Adv)
Classical Ballet / Lyrical (V)
Contemporary (V)
Contemporary / Lyrical (III)
Hip Hop (I, II, III)
Hawaiian (age 6 & up)
Jazz (I, II, III)
Jazz / Hip Hop Combo (IV)
Leaps & Turns
Lyrical (III, IV)
Lyrical / Jazz Combo (V)
Pom / Funk (I, II, III)
Pre-Acrobats (age 3-5)
Pre-Ballet (age 3-5)
Pre-Ballet / Acro Combo (age 3-4)
Pre-Tap (age 3-5)
Tap (I, II, III, IV)
Tumbling (I, II)
Tumbling (III) / Leaps & Turns


Tiny Competition Team (grades 1st-3rd)
Mini Competition Team (grades 4th-6th)

Junior Expressions (grades 5th-9th)
Senior Expressions (grades 8th-12th)

Registration - $35 per child

30 minute class - $40 per month
45 minute class - $47 per month
60 minute class - $52 per month
75 minute class - $57 per month

Tiny Expression  - $50
Mini Expressions - $60

Junior Expressions Elite - $70 per studio team class

Junior Expressions Classic - $65 per studio team class
Senior Expressions - $55 per studio team class

60 mins - $45
30 mins - $30

* This time for private lessons can be shared with one other dancer.


  • Confirmation of classes and policy brochure will be sent out in early August.  Please understand that some levels cannot be determined until the bulk of registrations are in.  We want the best for the dancers so age, ability, and technique will be considered when placing a student.

  • Classes must have six participants to remain open.

  • The younger, larger classes may have a student teacher added to them after the Open Houses.

  • Once the class size is determined we may switch rooms for better accommodations.

  • Private lessons can be scheduled with the requested teacher throughout the year. Student teachers are also available and can work out a time convenient for students / instructors.

  • Levels will be determined by age, ability, proper dance technique, and experience. Teachers will place the students at the proper level. During September / October it may be necessary to move your child to a different level. You will be notified. Let a staff member know if you need further clarification on our classes offered.

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